Smart Preparation Tips for a Roof Replacement in Brookfield, WI

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Roofing

Not having a solid roofing system can result in a multitude of problems for a homeowner. Rotted roof sheathing, multiple missing shingles, moss growth, improper maintenance, and faulty construction can all lead to the need for a roof replacement in Brookfield, WI. To help this job proceed smoothly, it helps to work cooperatively with roofers. The following preparation tips can assist with a productive roof job.

Provide Adequate Parking Space

Move all vehicles to another location so the roofers can have adequate parking space. The driveway and space in front of the curb can give roofers quick access to roofing tools and roofing materials. Also, moving vehicles protects them from airborne debris resulting from the roof job.

Ensure a Clear Work Space

Nothing can hold up roofers more than having to move objects from their paths. Take the time to remove toys, lawn furniture, gardening tools, and other objects from the yard. Store these items in the garage or another shelter until the roofing job is done. These items can also be moved away from the work area and covered with a large tarp during the roof job.

Take Down Wall Decorations

The vibrations caused by hammering and sawing may cause wall decorations to fall and break. Ensure that wall decorations such as picture frames, murals, mirrors, and attached ornaments are safe from vibrations. Wall decorations which can’t be removed should be further secured with extra fasteners.

Provide Protection for Assets in the Attic

Dust and debris can come into contact with assets stored in the attic. Remove valuable or sensitive belongings from the attic when possible. Other items can be moved as far as possible from the work area. Cover these assets with heavy tarps or blankets. Also, falling tools and roofing materials can damage or even ruin unprotected assets in the attic.

By implementing these easy suggestions, a homeowner can protect household assets from harm. It will also assist the roofers with a prompt start on the roof replacement in Brookfield, WI. This cooperation can inspire enhanced workmanship for a superior roof job. For information on roofing services, please talk to a roofing expert at Waukesha Roofing Inc. This business offers both commercial and residential services.

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