Types of Gutter Materials Compared

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Roofing

There are numerous types of materials that may be used to manufacture gutters. If you are having a gutter repair or replacement, it’s important to know what your options are. The truth is that the material used has an impact on the aesthetics, durability, price, and weather resistance of the chosen gutters. Let’s look at your options below!

Aluminum Gutters

One of the most popular gutter options in Boston, MA, is the aluminum gutters. There are many reasons for this. Aluminum gutters are fairly weather resistant, simple to install, and come at a great price. In addition, they come in tons of different colors. The biggest disadvantage to note is that aluminum gutters can be damaged easily by high winds or flying debris.

Vinyl Gutters

Another common option is the vinyl gutter. These are also available in many colors and are easy to install. You can expect great curb appeal and the aesthetic will last for ages due to these gutters being fade resistant. The one area where vinyl is flawed is in extreme temperatures. In frigid temperatures, the gutters can crack or become fragile.

Copper Gutters

Those who are in high value homes or homes with historic value may be interested in copper gutters. These gutters are beautiful but require a large amount of expensive upkeep to keep them that way. However, you can choose to go patina and have much fewer maintenance requirements. Copper is the most expensive materials for gutters, which should also be considered.

Wood Gutters

Gutters made of wood are a bit less common than the other options listed here, but the option is still available. Your gutter repair team can install them for you with no trouble. The most common use of wood gutters is in restoration work. These gutters are aesthetically appealing but require more maintenance than vinyl or aluminum gutters. The installation process is also more challenging.

Stainless Steel Gutters

This option isn’t often used for home gutters for two reason. The first is that the price is higher than other options available. The second is that the upkeep is large to avoid rust. That said, choosing stainless steel means you get high durability and gutters that can stand the test of time.

At Carroll Sons Inc, we offer all sorts of gutter services, from repair to maintenance and installation.

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