Stay on Solid Ground with a Concrete Foundation Repair in Baltimore

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

Large cracks in a foundation can devalue your property. That is why you need to address this type of problem immediately. While most cracks in a foundation should not pose a major problem, cracks that are over one-quarter inch with one side higher may warn of a settling problem.

Contact the Right Company

When a structure issue exists, you need to schedule a concrete foundation repair in Baltimore with a company that offers specialized services. Wider cracks that seem to grow wider indicate movement that takes place during temperature changes or drops and increases in humidity.

You definitely need to contact a concrete foundation repair company if you notice a crack that spans from your basement floor to the top of the wall or has emerged over a corner. You should also take note of horizontal cracks that tend to lean into your crawl space or basement. All these kinds of cracks prove that the soil that supports the foundation is either moving in a vertical or horizontal direction, thereby taking the foundation with it.

Do You Need Your Foundation Inspected?

While it is one thing to fix a small crack with an epoxy filler, it is a whole new thing when you need to assess the foundation to determine the reason why a large crack exists. Therefore, a concrete foundation repair entails several steps that need to be followed methodically to seal the crack permanently.

Many times, this type of repair necessitates lowering any hydraulic pressure on the foundation. This may be done by adding gravel, drain pipes, or a sump pump or pump. In some more severe cases, piers may need to be driven next to the foundation.

If you have a serious crack in your foundation, you need to contact an experienced business such as Armored Basement Waterproofing. Find out the reason for a shifting foundation so you can maintain the integrity of your property. Don’t procrastinate as time is of the essence. Contact a foundation specialist now.

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