The Process of French Drain Installations in Jacksonville FL

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Foundation Repair

The drainage system around the home prevents damage to the foundation. One of the best ways to ensure that the entire foundation is protected is with the installation of a french drain. A french drain is essentially catches all of the rainfall and moisture near the foundation and drains it into the waste system. The process to install it is fairly simple.

The first step in the process of french drain installations in Jacksonville FL is to dig a trench around the entire foundation of the home. This trench is dug to lay the piping that will catch the water. It has to be deep enough in the ground to catch all of the residual water that can build up. Since this piping is tied into the sewer system, an additional trench will be dug to this piping to provide the connection. To prepare for this step, make sure to remove all plants that need to be saved from around the foundation.

Once the trench has been dug, a layer of stone is put down into the hole. This helps to support the piping and helps with establishing a drainage path. The level of stone also helps to establish the proper slope needed for the piping. The slope is established in the direction of the sewage system.

After the stone is placed, the piping is ran around the entire home as part of the french drain installations in Jacksonville FL. The system is tied into the sewage system with connections. The french drain piping does have holes in the top of it to collect with the water when it rains. Once the water collects in the piping, the assistance of gravity helps the water drain into the sewer system. After the piping and stones are placed, the trench is filled back in with the same dirt.

Once the dirt is replaced, the landscaping can be restored or updated to reflect the style of the home. While the french drain is now hidden, it begins working immediately to help protect the foundation from the intrusion of water. Contact Solid Foundations for more information on how french drains can help save thousands of dollars in damage due to water.

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