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Window Installation in Downers Grove IL to Make a Home Look More Traditional

People who want to change the exterior of the home to give it more of a traditional or historic American appearance can accomplish some of this goal with window installation in Downers Grove IL. Often, this means choosing wood frames if the homeowner is devoted to authenticity. However, the look of vinyl frames has been improved significantly over several decades and can now look almost exactly like wood. The change in window style will also affect the interior design of the house. Homeowners might consider the possibility of having vinyl-clad wood frames on the exterior and natural wood inside.

A traditional farmhouse appearance can be achieved with the installation of double-hung windows that are noticeably taller than their width. The interior of the farmhouse is characterized by lots of sunshine, calling for a large number of windows. These homes also often feature at least one bay window. Depending on the height of the lower edge, the ledge can be used as a window seat or as a shelf for houseplants or decorative objects.

Windows with multiple panes also can create the impression of many traditional styles. This type of window installation in Downers Grove IL is suitable for homeowners who have houses in the saltbox, Georgian, classic English, colonial or log home design. Not all the windows will be in this style, as the multiple panes are not ideal for providing views to the outdoors. Instead, two or four windows like this will add intriguing detail to both the exterior and interior of the house.

Windows provide focal points both inside and out, which is why the choice of design is essential for creating certain aesthetic effects. It’s why people who buy a house with a big picture window in front may feel that the home looks too much like an obvious middle-class house from the 1950s or 1960s. They may replace it with a bow or bay window to keep the big size but add more interesting features. A contractor such as Exterior Designers Inc. helps customers make the changes to their homes that increase satisfaction with the appearance. Get more information here.

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