Benefits of a Copper Ceiling in Brooklyn NY

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

There are many benefits to having a Copper Ceiling Brooklyn NY installed. First, they add more value to the property than wood or plaster ceilings. A solid copper ceiling provides a high return on the investment. Options at other price points can include copper plated tiles and panels, as well as other tin finishes. The ceiling will be strong, non-combustible, and moisture resistant. That makes it easy to maintain. In addition to copper, other metal ceiling options include tin, stainless steel, brass or chrome plated, and pre-painted white tiles. Tiles and panels can also be painted any colour to match the walls, blend in with the flooring, or compliment the existing furniture.

A Copper Ceiling Brooklyn NY is available in a wide variety of textures, colours, and patterns. The most common styles are art decor, Victorian, Gothic, and colonial. Motifs include botanical themes, scrolls of various designs, intricate embossing, and repeated geometrical patterns. Custom work can also be designed for tiles and panels. There is something that will suit any room decor. Tiles can even be mixed and matched to create a unique ceiling. Many experienced companies that provide installation of tin ceilings offer design services. Home owners who are renovating their kitchens, for example, can have an estimator visit their homes with samples and brochures of different options. A discussion of options will result in a custom solution for the ceiling, and can also include matching back splashes.

Other benefits may surprise people. A perforated Copper Ceiling Brooklyn NY will boost the acoustics in an area. That is why they are often used in concert halls, museums, and auditoriums. Another reason they are used is the variety of installation methods available. Tiles and panels can be set in a wood or steel suspension frame, nailed into narrow beams, snapped into place, or laid onto the current ceiling surface with a special adhesive. It does not have to expensive to get that old world look and appeal in any room of the home, or in any commercial area. Customers can click here for information on installations, renovations, repairs, and restoration services for all types of tin ceilings.

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