Why Consider Spill Containment Pallets

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

Spills can happen at any time or any place. Most people understand this and are likely to take precautions while working. In fact, most industries are required by law to have spill kits and other products on hand to clean up spills and prevent cross-contamination or environmental pollution. However, you can also purchase spill containment pallets for large drums, which contains spills automatically without the need for floor bunding, land socks, and other items. Of course, you may want to have these in place for extra protection, ensuring that any spill is automatically contained so that it can get cleaned up quickly.

Spill containment pallets come in a variety of forms. The most common is the four-drum pallet, which can either be inline or square. You can use the inline version if you want it placed next to a wall with other objects nearby or can focus on the square versions if you plan to put it in the corner of the room. You can also find two-drum options and a single pallet for an excessively large drum. Most reputable suppliers also have IBC-appropriate pallet options, perfect for your intermediate bulk container.

At EcoSpill, they focus on providing safety products for employees and the environment. Their spill kits are designed to soak up oils, chemicals, and other harmful liquids quickly and efficiently. However, they realise that many people want to focus on prevention techniques, which can include spill containment pallets. Their design is such that the drum sits on top and if spillage occurs, it is caught in the bottom portion of the pallet. There is no mess, and you may be able to save some of the liquid that spilled by pouring it back into a new drum. Therefore, you can protect your facility and employees while reducing costs and waste.

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