Spill Response Training: Why It’s Needed

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

While most people know that spills are likely in their industry, you can ask almost any employee or manager and find that they aren’t sure what to do. They may know that spill kits are available, but may not know where they are located or how to use them. Spill response training should have two focuses. The first focuses on learning about the kit and what is inside. The second should focus on how to use the equipment effectively and what to do.

Spill response training focuses on the kits and what to do so that everyone who needs to know the information is prepared. Most industries have too many employees to give everyone the same level of education. However, it is imperative that managers and shift supervisors know what to do and that they are available during each shift. Then, they can delegate tasks or clear everyone out of the way while they focus on cleaning up the spillage. Learning what is in the spill kit is first so that you are prepared when you have to grab it. You might also want to read through the manual to learn what to do. The next step is to learn how to respond to spills and how to prevent them, ensuring that you have fewer mistakes and issues later.

At EcoSpill, their spill response training includes five options, giving you and your employees plenty to learn. The fundamentals course focuses on cleaning up spills while the in-depth version brings more information about responding to spills. You can also find an introduction to a variety of dangerous goods, a short course on spill control at work, and have some employees get a certificate IV in safety practices. If you have questions about which option is best for you, it’s best to call and ask a specialist.

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