Four Signs Your Company Needs New Industrial Air Compressors

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Contractor

There are certain signs that you should be on the lookout for to determine if the air compressors that are used in your business operations need to be replaced. Being aware of these four telltale signs your company needs new industrial air compressors will enable you to take swifter action to resolve the issue.

A Drop in Pressure

You might notice a drop in the pressure of your operators, which could indicate that your air compressors are on the verge of failing entirely. However, the problem could be just that your pressure settings are too high, which can be resolved with a few simple adjustments.

Performance Decrease

Your air compressors should be performing at a consistent level. Any decrease in performance could mean that your compressors need replacing.

Unusual Noises

If you notice any humming or screeching sounds coming from your air compressors, there’s a good chance that they will need to be replaced or at least repaired in the near future. A rattling sound is another sign of a faulty air compressor. You may notice that your air compressors are emitting sounds that are louder than normal, which could also indicate a problem.


When air compressors overheat, they’re supposed to shut down to prevent hazards or wearing down of the machinery. This overheating can often be resolved by simply cleaning the components to improve ventilation, but your compressors might also need to be replaced if cleaning doesn’t solve the problem.

You’ll be able to keep your operations in tiptop shape by knowing how to recognize the signs your company needs new industrial air compressors. For top-quality air compressor replacements in Ohio, Pennsylvania or West Virginia, contact Diversified Air at (800-929-4247).

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