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Superior Parking Lot Services in Newnan, GA

Parking lot services in Newnan, GA consist of various types of repairs and treatments designed to protect and prolong the life of the pavement. Asphalt pavement is used in nearly 90% of parking lots in the United States. Asphalt is extremely popular due to the recyclable nature of the material, its availability, and its durability. Asphalt is also inexpensive in comparison to other materials such as concrete and brick.

Primary Parking Lot Services

There are six primary types of parking lot services in Newnan, GA. These include:

  1. Sweeping and cleaning
  2. Sealing
  3. Painting or striping
  4. Crack filling
  5. Asphalt overlay
  6. Repaving

Maintenance technicians provide these services with one goal in mind: to prolong the life of your pavement. Sweeping and cleaning your parking lot prevents erosion. Driving over large amounts of dirt or objects in your parking lot creates friction. Friction increases the wear and tear on your parking lot. The edges of your pavement will also erode over time. Sealing your asphalt along with filling cracks of your asphalt will increase its stability.

What If My Parking Lot Is Beyond Repair?

Maintenance technicians Offering Parking Lot Services In Newnan, GA will inspect your parking lot first. If your parking lot is in disarray, there are two main services they will suggest: an asphalt overlay and repaving. An asphalt overlay is when the top layer of the pavement is stripped and a new layer of asphalt is installed. Aesthetically, an asphalt overlay looks like a completely new pavement. If the parking lot and driveway are in shambles, a technician will suggest repaving the entire area. Contractors will fully remove and replace the asphalt pavement. Typically, asphalt paving will only have to be repaved every 10 years.

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