What Should Owners Know About an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Santa Ana, CA

by | Dec 29, 2022 | Contractor

Are you interested in an accessory dwelling unit in Santa Ana, CA? An ADU contractor can help you add one to your home without any hassle. They take care of plan creation and permit application, so you just have to give the ok.

Previous clients have renovated their shed, converting it into an apartment. Their free-standing ADU was 700 square feet, and it had a bathroom, a great room, and a kitchen.

Everybody can expect the following three-step process when working with this entrepreneur:

Free Quote: An experienced designer will come and check out the project site. Then, they create a custom quote with no obligations.

Building Phase: The same company that does the design will complete the build, putting it all under one roof.

Enjoyment Phase: Now that you have a new ADU, it is time for you to enjoy the structure. Plus, it is already adding value to the property.

Why Are They Called ADUs?

ADU stands for “accessory dwelling unit,” and ADU is a term decided upon by the state of California. When they mandated that ADUs were legal to be built, they also had to define them. Other popular terms for these structures are “mother-in-law’s suite,” “guest house,” and “grandma unit.”

What Is a Garage Conversion?

Garage conversions differ depending on the house, but it usually involves a 2-car unit. The design specialists help create a liveable space where the 2-car garage used to be.

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