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What Are the Common Types of Industrial Cranes Used in Construction?

The contributions brought by cranes in the construction industry are immense. They help in lifting and lowering heavy loads during construction projects. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the different types of cranes. In this post, therefore, we shall walk you through the commonly used industrial cranes in most construction sites:

Mobile Cranes

Just as the name suggests, mobile cranes are made of a steel truss or telescopic boom that’s mounted on a mobile vehicle. Because of their high mobility, they are used to moving materials around the site easily and efficiently.

• Tower Crane

Tower cranes are designed with a vertical mast as well as an outstretched arm that enables it to move materials up and down tall buildings with ease. As if that’s not enough, they can also move 360 degrees through a motion called slewing.

• Truck-Mounted Cranes

Truck-mounted cranes are mounted on a rubber tire heavy vehicle for easy mobility. Because of their versatility, these cranes are preferred for narrow work sites where other larger cranes can’t access them.

• Rough Terrain Crane

If you have a construction project situated on rough terrain or uneven slope, then this kind of crane will best suit you. They are designed with large rubber tires with good traction to help them operate in rough terrains without hindrances.

While the above mentioned are the most common types of industrial cranes, others that are worth mentioning include the telescopic crane, loader crane, and crawler cranes to name a few. To get the best type of crane that suits your construction project, feel free to contact Coker Crane & Rigging today.

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