Why A Wooden Trellis Should be the Centerpiece of Your Rosemead Garden

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Fences and Gates

If you’re looking for that “special something” to serve as the centerpiece to your garden, then look no further than a wooden trellis. While other features, such as a fountain, fire pit, or fish pond, can certainly add visual interest and functionality to your garden, a wooden trellis in Rosemead, CA, can do all that and more. Keep reading to see why this often-overlooked garden feature deserves to be revered in your space.

A Gathering Place
Any good garden centerpiece should attract visitors to your garden and then allow them to branch out to enjoy the other areas of your garden as they see fit. A wooden trellis, especially a larger model, can serve as just such a gathering place. Especially once climbing plants have had a chance to establish themselves on the trellis, the vertical form of the trellis adds visual interest that becomes a natural conversation piece. If your garden is lacking a gathering place, then it may be missing a wooden trellis in Rosemead, CA.

A Garden Extension
Another important characteristic of a garden centerpiece is that it should be an extension of your garden rather than a garden interruption. While elements such as fire pits and fountains are great features to have in other areas of your garden, they don’t necessarily deserve the place of honor in the center of your garden due to the visual disruption they can cause. However, since a trellis is a natural place to grow plants, it serves as an extension of the surrounding landscape, providing an exceptional centerpiece that will help tie your different garden elements together.

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